William Frey

Retired Safe Cracker


Career Profile: Meet real life professional safe-cracker Bill Frey

This week we sit down for a fascinating conversation with real-life (retired) professional safe cracker Bill Frey. Growing up in the United States in the 60's, Bill came to Canada after being drafted for the Vietnam war with "less than nothing" in his pocket. After a series of business opportunities. Bill found himself in the incredible position of professional safe cracking, working in prominent banks in Toronto. He ended up creating his own company, recruiting employees based on their personalities vs. their qualifications, building a loyal and reliable workforce that continued on in the industry long after his retirement.

Bill shared that he could crack 60% of safes without drilling (that's right - that means old school, Hollywood-level listening at the door skills!) and he trained his employees to depend similarly on instinct. After a serious health scare and a child born with a disability, Bill is a strong supporter of manifesting and mantras, and he shares hie personal experiences of how mindset helped him overcome so much.

If safe cracking in a time before electronic locks isn't interesting enough, Bill started on another path later in life, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. James asks Bill about his experience career pivoting (a topic that hits home right now!) and the incredible power of meditation. We talk about "putting the monkey back in the cage" (you had to be there) and how quieting the mind can help you manage crisis.

I literally came to Canada with less than nothing. And I still had most of that left.

Bill Frey

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