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Josh Foyster

In this week's episode we talk to real-life blaster Josh Foyster about how he's managed to make a living out of blowing up rock in Ontario cottage country. From his unique start in the industry to his favourite part about explosives, we deep dive into the exciting world of working with dynamite!

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We sit down with people who share all kinds of details on the podcast, and sometimes it can be hard to write down all the advice, resources, and opportunities that get mentioned. If you're trying to find that website we referenced, a link to that free resource, or even just revisit the key points from an episode, you're in the right place.

Josh Foyster

Josh Foyster chats with us about how he's managed to make a living out of blowing up rock in Ontario cottage country.

Gord Melville

Gord Melville shares his experience coaching high performers and discuss the importance of learning to create space for self care.

Bill Frey

In this week's episode, we talk to retired safe cracker (yes, it's exactly what you think) Bill Frey about how he discovered such a unique path and how it shaped his entire career.

Lizy Tri

Meet Lizy Tri, host and producer of The LizyT Show, and learn more about what inspired her to make a career pivot into the television industry at a unique time in her life.

Santiago Paz

Get to know data scientist Santi Paz as we learn about his career journey and the opportunities that lie behind analyzing and using data across a variety of industries.

Kylie O'Grady

Explore the impact of of culturally immersive travel on Kylie O'Grady's career journey, and how she turned a dream into a reality.

Gus Stavropoulos
Get to know Gus Stavropoulos, Chief Financial Officer of Tribute Communities, to talk about the realities of the CFO journey.
Dwayne Richards

Meet Dwayne Richards, CPA and owner of D. R Richards as he breaks down the most common challenges entrepreneurs make when it comes to their finances

James Adams

Get to know the host of Unlimited Potential and how he started his entrepreneurship journey.

Marc Petitpas

CEO and Owner of his own executive business coaching company, learn how Marc made the leap.

Andrew Stewart

Meet Andrew, owner of DF Insurance Solutions, and discover how to shift negative perspectives.

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