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The importance of pausing and the relationship between self-care and mental health as an entrepreneur with Gord Melville

In this week's episode we talk to Gord Melville about his experience starting his own coaching company and how he ended up in the industry before he'd even really considered the possibility. Gord shares his early years as a voracious reader learning personal development and mindset growth the hard way. We also dig deeper into the coaching industry and debunk some myths about becoming a life coach.

Gord discusses the impact of attitude and work ethic in his practice, and the importance of helping clients adjust their attitude to change their output. As he says, "humans are the only mammals who have the ability to pause...and we get ourselves in trouble when we stimulus react". We talk about needing that pause, and how there is a lot of power in that pause to think about our responses to situations. We explore the things we can actually control and actionable ways to stay in control when things seems overwhelming.

Today more than ever people are facing their mental health and the relationship that has with their productivity at work. COVID-19 and the implications of the negative news have impacted us in ways many of us aren't able to identify. Gord talks about how the information we're being given right now creates an imbalance in how we process that information.

Gord shares his experience with burn out and the importance of self care and balance, particularly for men who often struggle with invisible mental health illnesses. Framing the concept of self care in this new way has allowed Gord to create a safe space for other men to share their mental health concerns and support them on their journey to finding work/life balance.

Make sure to listed to the full episode to learn more about Gord's latest project, Boxed Inside Out, a suicide-prevention initiative he's launched to have meaningful connections with ten million men globally in the next two years.

Life isn't happening to you, it's happening for you. It's happening for you to uniquely equip you to be able to help other people who are going through those same things.

Gord Melville

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