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Career Profile: Getting paid to blow s@#* up with Josh Foyster

This week we sit down with real life blaster Josh Foyster to talk about how he has a unique career path that's led to him working with explosives on construction jobs. How do you land yourself a career blowing stuff up? Let's talk about it.

Josh started working with a construction company that specialized in various site services and trained under other experienced blasters for a few years. After a brief career change to try something new, he realized his passion was in blasting. Blasting is a common technique for site prep in many Ontario areas due to the Canadian Shield. For many residential and commercial builds, especially in cottage country where Josh lives, blasting is integral to preparing sites for engineered pads and foundations.

As Josh shares, there's only one program in Ontario that can prepare someone for entering this industry out of Fleming College (check out the Show Note links below to learn more), but many learn on the job. Josh learned under the expertise of blasters who were pioneers in the industry, including the co-creator of the Fleming Drilling program, and he explains what a typical day in the life of a blaster looks like, from matted blasts to open shots in quarries.

We talk about how a high school careers class led Josh to the path of explosives technician and how he ended up with a blasting company right after graduation. James also digs deeper into the mental health implications of a career with so much destruction and the weight of the responsibility to keep people safe. Josh talks about how his confidence and cautiousness helps him work safer, and how that helps battle any fear of being hurt on the job.

Finally, Josh lays out the foundation for starting a career in blasting and shares his favourite part of the job. Learn more about this cool career in episode 11!

When I first started blasting, I was talking with my boss and I said, "Every time I went to go push the button, my stomach hurt", and he said, "That's because you care. If you ever don't feel that feeling anymore, come tell me so I can fire you, because you're a weapon after that." And even to this day I feel that feeling.

Josh Foyster

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