Kylie O'Grady

Bartender / Network Marketer


Pursuing your passions and the fluidity of career paths with Kylie O'Grady

Since a young age, Kylie O'Grady has been interested in travelling and languages. Encouraged by her parents to pursue those interests, today she is trilingual and living in St. Maarten as she explores whatever inspires her. All of her experiences have been driven by her fundamental belief that you can't let fear hold you back from making huge changes. That's not to say she isn't realistic about the obstacles many people face to travelling: she credits her parents for allowing her to take risks early on which formed a foundation for her major culturally immersive experiences today.

After returning from living in Ecuador Kylie had a difficult time returning to Canada and she realized she had changed. She began to seek out experiences that allowed her to work directly with people in different countries to learn more about living in other cultures. She worked with charitable organizations and other experience agencies to work and live abroad, and expanded her horizons.

Since she was 16 years old she had always felt pulled to live in St. Maarten, a vacation destination for Kylie's family for years. Each visit felt harden to return from, and eventually she made the decision to move full time. With no job, no apartment, and no plans, she left a secure job in Canada and ended up living in her car for a few days as she figured things out.

Kylie's journey has been marked by challenges and overcoming the unexpected, and she's channeled the lessons she's learned into her life approach in general. Her attitude toward risk taking and the importance of prioritizing your dreams was so inspiring to listen to, and the lifestyle she has created for herself is truly unique.

Today, she's a network marketer for LegalShield, a groundbreaking company that provides legal advice and services on demand. LegalShield is a monthly membership that gives Canadians and Americans access to legal aid. Kylie shared her passion for the company and the importance of making legal services accessible in a really insightful discussion about the meaning of personal rights.

Do what you want. You're not living somebody else's life.

Kylie O'Grady

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