Lizy Tri

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Pursuing your passions and forging the career of your dreams.

From a young age, Lizy dreamed of being a television host, but it wasn't until years later as an adult inspiring her own young children that she realized she needed to make it a reality. We talk about how now more than ever there are people who are finding themselves at a crossroads to reinvent themselves, and Lizy shares her advice for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where it feels like a lot of doors are closing.

Lizy's mentality of trying despite the odds seeming stacked against her was inspiring as we unpacked her journey building her show from the ground up. We also talk about the importance of delegating and building your business with help when it's available to you, something that we don't hear enough of from entrepreneurs. Lizy shared all of the lessons she learned and advice she'd offer to herself starting out as a young dreamer, a mom, a dental hygienist, and finally in the early years of her television show.

Another interesting topic that Lizy shares is her experience not "living for the likes" despite choosing a career that very much connects to the public image. Make sure you check out the full episode to hear how she put her goals first and kept her growth organic and authentic without letting the negativity of social media affect her or her guests.

A dream should not pass by unnoticed.

Lizy Tri

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